Ubiquitext is a communications boutique firm specializing in editing, translating, writing, and training. Its principals, Moira White and Marine Armstrong, honed many of their skills in the high-pressure arena of conference reporting.

Accuracy, timeliness, and conciseness are deeply ingrained in our approach.

So too is our commitment to excellence. Relying on our expertise lets you focus on the rest of your work. Relax—we’ve done this before.

Excellence in Written Communication

We can help with your communications projects from the moment a document takes shape in your mind, to the moment it reaches its audience. Depending on your time and need, we can assume any or all components of the process:

We are also able to help train others to excel in their written communications by providing specialized workshops in editing, proofreading, and working with documents. The section on Training provides more detail. We also provide expertise and advice on formatting and styles.