About Us


We think and work as key members of your communications team. Your project becomes ours and we will go to great length to make it succeed. Our niche, and what we enjoy the most, are projects undertaken in collaboration with clients from the first phone call to the end-of-project celebrations and relief.

Marine and Moira have collaborated for more than a decade and worked in-house on the same communications team for four years. Sharing an office and bouncing ideas and questions off each other led us to broaden our skills and, most importantly, refine our approach to the documents we work on. The editor now edits with translation in mind, and the translator translates with an editing mindset. As we collaborated closely with the project manager and the graphic designer on that team, we also know what is involved in managing a communication project from conception to completion, a knowledge not commonly found in freelance editors, translators, and writers.

Small projects are handled by the principals. For larger projects we handpick associates from a country-wide network of writers, editors, translators, and project managers whose common denominator is excellence. Moira and Marine ensure that each project is undertaken to the highest standards possible.

Writing, editing, translating, proofreading, and project management for reports, newsletters, government documents, corporate communications, conference proceedings, and books—Relying on our expertise lets you focus on the rest of your work.

What’s in a Name?

As communicators, our role is to be ubiquitous—to think about several aspects of a text simultaneously. We consider the author’s intent, the document’s purpose, and the readers’ needs in order to ensure that no idea, no part of your message, gets lost.